OxY Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the top choice for those who want luxurious style that can be quickly applied, removed and changed. We love clip-in hair extensions and we know exactly what it takes to create the highest quality.

OxY is the premier source for the clip-in hair extensions you're looking for. You can have perfect hair in minutes without spending a fortune and without settling for thin, frayed, tangley messes that are showing by the end of your work day.

Let your hair grow without the damage of glue or the stress a weave puts on your hair and scalp. Our extensions attach with comfortable, polymer-coated clips that stay in place without hurting the hair around them. Get instantaneous style every morning before work and switch it up just as quickly for an evening out.

Why You Should Choose OxY Extensions

People are loving OxY, and so will you. Here's why…

HUMAN HAIR – We use human hair that looks, feels and moves like your own. Synthetic fibers simply can't behave the same, and they never feel quite right. When you want a quality hair extension, it has to be real.

INSTANT LENGTH – Tired of waiting for your hair to reach the length you're dreaming of? Maybe you just want the length for one day, but you don't want to mess with it all the time. Extensions give you the length you want, and our clip-ins give it to you in just minutes.

LUSH VOLUME - Extensions don't just help with length. Thin, sad-looking hair can be transformed into shampoo-commercial hair in a matter of minutes with he right extensions, and OxY has the right extensions. Careful construction ensures the even length of each strand for full, bouncy volume, and our luxury line is double drawn for beautiful thickness.

NO DAMAGE – OxY Extensions are safe to wear and won't damage your hair or scalp. Simply clip them in and out whenever you like and enjoy the healthy growth of your natural hair all the while.

LIGHTWEIGHT - Lightweight materials and an absense of chemical coating (silicone, etc.) keeps OxY Extensions lightweight, so you can wear them throughout the day in total comfort. They won't drag or slip and you can style them just like real hair.

SUPPORT - The purpose of hair extensions is to resemble your own hair, so we go to great lengths to ensure the invisibility of our designs. Even in the most chic up-do, OxY Extensions won't peak. The hair blends incredibly well with your own and appears to grow straight from your scalp.

  1. Regular Price: $151.33

    Special Price: $126.78

    Chloe is the girl who never leaves the house without looking fab. Chic and luxurious, Chloe stays styled and camera-ready at all times. In just a few minutes, she switches from the professional up-do she wore to work to sexy, flowing curls for a Friday night with the girls.

    Made of 100% real human hair, this extension set is lush, soft and won’t easily tangle. Free of any synthetic coatings, like silicone, each lightweight piece blends perfectly with your hair, appearing to grow straight from your scalp.

    Protect the consistently smooth texture with a heat protectant spray before styling to keep your extensions looking perfect.

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  2. Regular Price: $168.33

    Special Price: $150.26

    Chloe walks on six inch heals as if she were barefoot, simply gliding along, pointing her pedicured toes. No matter what the day holds for Chloe, she and her heels are ready. Always fabulous from the top of her head to the tip of her toes, Chloe rules the school and she knows it.

    There’s never any silicone coating on OxY Extensions. Silicone weighs the hair down, but with us, you’ll get silky, light, flowing hair that appears to grow right from your scalp. Our extensions won’t mat or tangle, either, so you can style them just like you do your own hair, as long as you use heat protectant spray.

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